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Lauren Taylor Vitrano Memorial Scholarship

When Lauren was 15 years old, she was determined to become a pharmacist. She wanted to combine her love of science with the inner need and desire to help others. She was accepted into every pre-pharm undergrad program she applied to, and then eventually both pharmacy schools as well. Lauren was an active member of Kappa Psi and the Rho Chi National Honor Society while maintaining a near perfect GPA. Lauren was in the middle of her final year when she decided it was her time to go.  

Some of Lauren’s closest friends at the UIC College of Pharmacy decided to pay tribute to her by creating the Lauren T. Vitrano Memorial Scholarship. It was the perfect way to memorialize her and ensure that her memory lives on forever.

Lauren and I knew firsthand the importance of scholarships in life. We were raised by a single mother who provided the basis of what we needed and taught us the value of money and importance of education. We could not afford college, most certainly not a doctoral program, without the assistance of grants, scholarships, and loans. Lauren worked harder than most throughout her entire life to ensure that her out of reach dream of becoming a pharmacist would appear closer, and it did.

This scholarship is available to all students at the UIC College of Pharmacy who demonstrate the same financial need and take a special interest in mental health in the community. The scholarship is awarded yearly in the Spring.

We pledged to raise $25,000 to make this scholarship live on forever. We are well on our way to achieving this goal but count on the generosity of the community to continue. We deeply appreciate every donation we receive, whether it be $5 or $500, and hope that your donation leaves you with the feeling of humility.

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